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Design for Arts and Cultural Innovation.

Design for Arts and Cultural Innovation.
The Master programme offers a complete and well-structured training course which enables participants to address the strategic and project-based aspects of creativity, especially in the fields of art and design.


This international course aims to train cultural "mediators" who work in the fields of architecture, design and art system (artists, curators, gallerists, journalists, technicians..).
The programme is addressed to graduate students having completed a Master of Science Degree (or equivalent qualification) in the following areas or related subjects: Architecture, Conservation, Restoration, Engineering, Design, Visual communication and advertising, Visual Art and Art History.


Applications are opened until March, 5th 2017.

12 scholarships are available for the most deserving students.


The Master will start in May 2017 and will last a total of 12 months. It provides the students with 60 educational credits and consists of 900 hours (classes 400 hours and internship 500 hours).

The hosting companies for internship period are the main Italian design firms (such as Pininfarina, Camerana&Partners and Studio Cerri Associati), the top Italian museums ( from the National Automobile Museum to the Egyptian one in Turin) and companies such as Juventus Football Club and Olivetti Historical Archive.

For further information about how to apply:

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