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Formalization of New Agreements

The Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, through its International Relations Office, formalizes International Cooperation Agreements with foreign higher education institutions.  The formalization process takes place in compliance with the rules in force, follows legal recommendation, is aimed at the achievement of common purposes, and obeys the procedures defined in UFRN itself.


What is an International Agreement?


For the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, an International Agreement is the instrument through which UFRN interacts with a foreign Higher Education Institution, with a view to establishing reciprocal cooperation bases, respecting the reciprocity principle, and conducting exchange actions, international internship, academic research, international mobility, partnership for the promotion of events, among others. Whevener possible, UFRN tries to establish general agreeements, analyzing if there is agreement on the part of the foreign Higher Education institution regarding the official templates proposed by UFRN, or if it is necessary to change or add some information.


How to formalize an agreement with a foreign Higher Education Institution?


In order to formalize an International Cooperation Agreement, it's necessary to have the expression of interest on the part of a faculty member, group of researchers, coordinator or head connected to an internal authority of UFRN, as well as on the part of an international partner in the institution where one wishes to establish the agreement.  Should the expression of interest by both parties occurr, the secretary of the coordination of the undergraduate or postgraduate program, in the involved area, forwards a process via SIPAC to the International Relations Office – SRI, with a memorandum of forwarding from the professor/coordinator, a duly filled agreement template (name, logo and address of the foreign Higher Education Institution; name of the representative), and a document that  confirms the interest of the foreign Higher Education Institution. It’s also fundamental to include the contacts of the international partner or the international relations representative, for whatever negotiations needed. In case a previous agreement with the foreign Higher Education Institution has already been established, an Addendum to the current International Cooperation Agreement may be established.


- Templates of Cooperation Agreements and Addenda







How do we know if the agreement has been established?


The agreement will be analyzed by the International Relations Office, and then a technical report will be issued with a confirmation of the International Relations Officer or his/her deputy. In the event the agreement follows our template, with no changes, the process is forwarded to the President’s Office for the collection of the President’s signature. If, on the other hand, any change to the template occurs during the negotiation process, the new template will be analyzed by the International Relations Office and the Legal Department, for identification of compliance and officialization.

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