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The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) has participated in student exchange programs in partnership with international higher education institutions, and, as a result, has received several foreign students to attend at least one semester at UFRN, or a full undergraduate program, as is the case of the students of the PEC-G Student Exchange Program.
Being a foreign student is not easy, especially in the beginning, when everything in a new culture seems different and complicated. In order to facilitate the adaptation of these students and promoting improvement in their welcoming, the International Relations Office (SRI) has developed the Exchange Fellows program, whereby a student volunteer from UFRN will act as a guide for this foreign student during his/her first days at the Campus.
This project will provide UFRN students with the opportunity of cultural interchange, the establishment of new friendships and even the practice of their linguistic skills. As a result of their collaboration, the student volunteer will receive a participation certificate, which may be used later as course load in activities related to Academic-Scientific-Cultural Activities.


The purpose of this project is to improve the welcoming of foreign students to UFRN, simplifying their integration into the university community, and assisting them in academic and cultural issues.

The Exchange Fellow duties

Being an Exchange Fellow means helping the foreign student with respect to the registration to courses, in the search for accommodation and integration into the city’s student and cultural life,  and in the performance of the duties described below:

-To welcome the foreign student in a place to be defined;
-To become interested in the well-being and good stay of the foreigner, being friendly, pro-active and always willing to solve problems that may occur during the exchange student’s stay;
-To direct the student to the place where the classes will happen;
-To integrate them to the other students and social activities at UFRN;
-To always keep the International Office (SRI) updated about the activities performed, and to inform about any type of trouble that the student may cause;
-The fellow is not responsible for fulfilling all commuting needs of the foreign student, but rather to provide the exchange student with appropriate guidance/directions as to how to commute on his/her own;
-To escort him/her to the Federal Police; and
-To escort him/her to the STTU (Municipal Secretariat of Urban Mobility) to request the issuance of the student card.

The Exchange Fellow is not obligated to host the exchange student in his/her home, and the fellow has no financial responsibility whatsoever to the exchange student. It is enough for the fellow to help the exchange student find a residence for the period of stay, as well as to help the exchange student find his/her way around the city and the university, at least during the first two weeks of classes.  


The students who wish to participate in the program must fill out the registration form available here.

An assessment will be carried out, and the following criteria will be analyzed:

Mastery of the language spoken by the exchange student that he/she intends to help;
A program compatible with that of the exchange student;  
Knowledge of UFRN’s operation and procedures, and, specially, of the Center that will host the exchange student;  
Availability of free time to escort the exchange student; and
The semester the applicant is attending and/or the number of semesters already attended at a UFRN’s program.

The selected fellows will be convened by email for a meeting in order to prepare them to welcome the exchange students.

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