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Academic Mobility


How to apply?


The student must search the foreign institutions which have good courses in his/her area; to identify the languages which he/she commands and the countries in which these languages are used; to conduct a survey of his/her financial conditions to live in another country during the mobility period.


UFRN undergraduate students are allowed to attend isolated undergraduate curricular components in another higher education institution, legally acknowledged and with a previous cooperation agreement (the institutions with which UFRN keeps active agreements can be seen at SRI's website).


Generally speaking, a Cooperation Agreement allows the student a waiver of tuition fees in the foreign institution, including private (there are exceptions); to receive an acceptance letter and later a student visa, which will allow him/her, in turn, to enroll in the foreign institution, to stay abroad for the necessary period of time and to enjoy, after his/her return to UFRN, the transfer of credits obtained in the foreign institution. If it is necessary to establish a new agreement or to extend an already existing one, check at Agreement Formalization in the area Agreements at SRI's website. The process of formalization of a new agreement may take some time, and can only be started by a professor or program coordinator. Therefore, it is not recommended for a student who wishes to start a mobility process in a short period of time.


The first step is to fill the mobility form and to meet the specific requirements of the Internal Selection Edict (available at SRI's website) which inform, among other things, the criteria and documents required from the student to perform a mobility, to be delivered at SRI:


a) Foreign Language Proficiency Certificate of the language spoken at the Host University, issued by the official proficiency test representative or by UFRN's Ágora Institute, as appropriate;


b) Academic Indexes Certificate, printed via SIGAA, with MCN (Normalized Conclusion Average) equal to or higher than 400;


c) Academic transcript with already completed courses;


d) Proof of participation in teaching, research or community service activities, registered at SIGAA;


e) Presentation letter from a UFRN faculty member, no older than 15 days at the moment of  registration at SRI, defending the pertinence, in general terms, of the development of studies abroad and mentioning one or more points which prove the prominent position of the student in his/her academic activities.


f) Proof of being up-to-date with the Library System (SIGAA).

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