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Exchange Fellow

Exchange Fellow’ is a voluntary UFRN student who will act as a guide for a foreign exchange student during his/her first days in the Campus.


The goal is to be a source of information to the new students, making their integration easier, and to  improve the reception of exchange students at UFRN by promoting their integration with UFRN  students.


The Exchange Fellow is chosen according to: the language spoken by the interested, the course compatible with the one of the exchange student, the availability of times compatible with the one of the foreign student and the longest time of study at UFRN.


The Exchange Fellow is not obligated to house the foreign student in his/her home. It is sufficient that he/she assists the foreign student to find accommodations for the exchange period, as well as to help him/her find his/her way around the city and the university at least during the first two weeks of classes. This assistance must be provided voluntarily, and with a view to the integration of different cultures that such experience may provide to both parties. It must also be stressed that the Exchange Fellow does not hold any financial responsibility whatsoever to the foreign student.


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