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Student Card


The student card may be requested by a foreigner and allows the student to pay half the fee charged from regular users for use on buses, movie theaters, shows, theaters and sport events. The student must go the SEMOB (Municipal Urban Mobility Office), next to STTU (Urban Transportation Office), in the district of Ribeira, with the Enrollment Certificate issued by the university (take original and one copy); the RNE (National Foreigner Number) or Passport.


With the receipt in hand, the student must go to URNE (which sits next to SEMOB). There he/she will pay R$ 12.00 (as of August 2012) as a fee for the issuance of the student card. The picture is taken at the very site. The card is printed on spot. However, in order to be entitled to the right to the special student fee at city buses, one has to wait 10 days. After that period, the student must go to the Via Direta Shopping Mall (NatalCard) in order to request the rechargeable card, which is the card used by the student on the machines installed in city buses. This card can be recharged in some points around the city, such as in the Via Direta Shopping and in the University Campus itself, in the Convenience Center.

The value of the student tariff (R$ 1,10) is 50% of the regular tariff (R$ 2,20). The card can be recharged in some places around the city, such as in Shopping Via Direta and in the University Campus itself, at the Convenience Center (Centro de Convivência).


It is important to remember that except for Nova Parnamirim and Eucaliptos lines, in all other bus lines, the student may take 2 different buses within one hour without having to pay for another ride. When the student passes his/her card in the second bus he/she will hear one of either messages, “integração” (integration) or “passe livre” (free pass), if he/she is still in the one-hour limit. If not, another ride will be charged.

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