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Registration at the Federal Police

The Foreign Student, when arriving at the country, has obligatorily 30 days to register at Federal Police and to legalize his/her stay in the country. In order to do that:


1 – Access the site:


2 – At the center of the page, click on “Foreigner”. Click on the option 'request registration/renovation', filling of form for requesting registration, issuing of foreigner's identification card (1st or 2nd copy); and then, booking, document printing, rebooking or booking exclusion, at last “generate GRU”, which is the invoice for paying the foreigner's card (R$ 124.23 -  as of August 2012) and registration fee (R$ 64.58).


On the day of the interview, the student must carry the proof of payment for both GRU's (paid in any banking institution, lottery shops, post offices and corresponding banking service); the registration form duly filled; two 3x4 recent, color photos with white background; copy of the useful leaves of the passport; original form of the visa request along the Brazilian consulate (white form).


It's important that the students are aware that it is forbidden to enter at the Federal Police building wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts or slippers. Students from Portuguese-speaking countries don't have to pay the registration GRU (R$ 64.58 – as of August 2012). They shall only pay R$ 124.23.


Natural Persons Number – CPF

The Natural Persons Number or CPF is a document provided by the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service that the foreigner may request. This document is used for opening bank accounts or purchasing mobile phone lines.


The registration for this document can be done in an accredited agency: Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal or Correios (Post Office); fee: R$ 5.70. (maximum value to be charged, as of August 2012). It may also be requested at the Brazilian diplomatic representations abroad free of charge.


The requester shall be required to present an identification document valid in his/her home country, or yet: RNE/CIE (National Foreigner Number / Foreigner's Identification Card), or Passport, or RNE Protocol which contains his/her personal information.


The requester shall receive a card with his/her number, in the event he/she needs the CPF number quickly. Just access the site and consult “citizen”, “Consult CPF request process”. The number shall become available in up to 48 hours after the request. For proof of Registration Status: Citizen/CPF Registration/Proof of Registration Status/Issuance of Proof.

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