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Academic Mobility


The mobility of foreign students may occur in two specific cases. The first takes place when there is a partnership between UFRN and the student's home institution, and the second, when there is the necessity of establishing a partnership between the student's home institution and UFRN.


Case 01:


Students from abroad who come in the context of an existent agreement


The mobility request must be made in writing, by the student's home institution, and directed to  UFRN's International Relations Office. The request must include:


1 – Academic Mobility Application Form*;

2- Applicant's academic transcript;

3 – A letter detailing the choice for the host Higher Education Institution;

4- A letter from the home institution introducing the student

5- A copy of the passport


*Warning! Some functionalities of this form are only available in version 10 or higher of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The authority responsible for the international relations shall be considered the intermediary of the request, or, in its absence, the coordinator of the program to which the student is bound in the home institution.


The acceptance letter is the legal instrument for the sake of issuing the student visa, on the part of the Brazilian diplomatic authorities, in the home country of the interested student. Therefore, it must be printed in letterhead, with stamps and identification of the undersigned.


If this is the first exchange with the partner institution, the negotiation of the terms of the Addendum shall be conducted by SRI in parallel with the negotiation of the study plan.


Case 02:


Undergraduate students from abroad who come from an institution with which UFRN does not have an agreement


SRI proposes the establishment of a general agreement to the home institution, and opens up a process of request and forwards it to the coordinator of the program or the head of the department for analysis.




The deadline for accepting applications for the 1st semester (February to July) is November 15th  and for the 2nd semester (August to December) is May 15th.


Portuguese for Foreigners


UFRN, through the Department of Contemporary Foreign Languages and Literatures, offers the course Portuguese for Foreigners, as part of its community service actions.


The course has as its goal to provide the necessary conditions so that the foreign communities, both internal and external to UFRN, have the means to develop the proficiency in the Portuguese language, through an educational communicative approach. Classes shall also introduce fundamental aspects of the Brazilian culture, encompassing comprehension as well as oral and written production skills.   


-                    It is necessary to have a student visa in order to attend the course. Tourist visa will not be accepted.

-                    There are no prerequisites in order to attend the course Portuguese for Foreigners – Level I.

-                    A placement test shall be conducted for the following levels.

-                    20 students per class.

-                     Site: CCHLA / DLLEM / ÁGORA

-                    Responsible: Prof. Marcelo Amorim

-                    Further information:

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